photo credit: claire foth

photo credit: claire foth

“romantic garage-guitar penned symphonies for those sentimental at heart”
- impose magazine

photo credit: claire foth

photo credit: claire foth

“...let it be known that any and all shows by The Pressure Kids are not to be missed. There’s an aspect of genuine exhilaration when it comes to The Pressure Kids’ live set that leaves a lot of other shows feel[ing] discernibly devoid of joy.”
- Now/It’s Nashville

Forthcoming EP’s lead single “Fever” featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist
Have played with The Lonely Biscuits, The New Respects, Betcha (FKA Wilder), Boyscott
Have played Franklin, TN’s Pilgrimage Music Festival


"Fever" on Spotify, SoundCloud & Bandcamp
"Team” on Spotify, SoundCloud & Bandcamp
"And Another One” on Spotify, SoundCloud & Bandcamp

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nashville-based indie rock band the pressure kids have been together long enough to see some shit. since forming as college freshmen in the fall of 2013, they’ve survived lineup changes, deceptive ex-managers, sexist industry advisors. seen each other through breakups, makeups, promotions, graduation dinners. through every up & down, every moment of triumph & turmoil that inevitably comes with the coming of age, nick, allan, katy, justin & zach have always connected over their love of songs that make you feel something. melodies that score the moment you fall apart at the party, then piece yourself together on the drive home.

It’s 2019, and the pressure kids have closed their collegiate chapter, landing fully in the throes of young adulthood. after releasing two well-received singles in 2018 - the rowdier “team” in october & the tender “fever” in july, the latter of which was featured on spotify’s new music friday playlist - the pressure kids are sprinting into the new year with a new music video, new single, and self-titled debut ep. the six-song offering will include the three singles, along with three new tracks, one of which was played in its earliest iteration at the first show of the band’s career (at an abandoned laundromat turned DIY space, no less). its closing track, however, was written just before new year’s & recorded in january 2019, making the ep as a whole a uniquely definitive statement, one that reveals exactly where the pressure kids have been, and exactly where they’re going.

the pressure kids showcases a young band at the height of creativity and determination, pairing evocative melodies with rich instrumental textures, altogether handcrafted and highlighted by the kind of wise-beyond-your-years youthfulness that only strikes when you really are twenty-three or twenty-four years old. listening feels like forever scoring an invite to the party, and never wanting to leave. and why would you? nick, allan, katy, justin & zach really hope you’ll stay.

“Perhaps it’s the impassioned frenzy that is Nick Johnston’s fronting, or the perpetual grin on the faces of guitarist Allan Cuva and bassist Justin Bavier, or the calm steady collection of keys player Katy Carmichael, or maybe the ever-limber motor of drummer Zach Bodman, but The Pressure Kids offer an incredibly enticing live show. There’s absolute melodic synchronicity in one moment and frenetic exultation the next.”
- Now/It’s Nashville

2019: First Quarter Release Timeline
January 2019: “Team” Music Video Release
February 2019: “And Another One” Single Release
March 2019: The Pressure Kids EP Release