photo credit: claire foth

photo credit: claire foth

“romantic garage-guitar penned symphonies for those sentimental at heart”
- impose magazine

 photo credit: claire foth

photo credit: claire foth

the pressure kids have a new album for your consideration: the pressure kids, their handcrafted, self-titled debut.

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lead single - “fever” - out now
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released july 6, 2018

“fever” was added to spotify’s new music friday playlist & has surpassed 100k streams on the platform thus far

the pressure kids finds the pressure kids at a crossroads of sorts. having formed in the fall of 2013, they’ve been together long enough to see some shit - lineup changes, deceptive ex-managers, sexist industry advisors. breakups, makeups, promotions, graduation dinners. meeting as college students upon moving to nashville, tennessee, nick, allan, katy, justin & zach have always connected over their love of songs that make you feel something. melodies that score the moment you fall apart at the party, then piece yourself together on the drive home.

it’s 2018, and the pressure kids are closing their collegiate chapter, landing fully in the throes of young adulthood. recording sessions penciled in between day jobs and restaurant shifts. all tracking, producing, and mixing done by allan, in-house. literally, in his house... not his home studio, just his little quarter of a quadruplex. laying down vocals in the closet, keys and guitars in the living room. lyrics and checklists tacked up on the walls.

they’ve played some cool shows in and out of nashville, and they’ve gotten some positive feedback, and they’ve been mentioned kindly in an article or two, but “who gives a fuck until you’ve got a record?”

...enter the pressure kids.

album opener “magazine” takes what started as a sophomore year jam session and transforms it into a four-and-a-half minute ode to the kind of loneliness that will break your heart one minute and put it back together the next. “and another one” sparkles with reversed guitars and driving bass lines and drums that grab you, with no intention of letting go. “asleep on the ocean” sounds magically, perfectly, exactly as its name suggests. lead single “fever” reminds you of who you’ve loved and what you’ve lost, taking you back to the beginning by bringing you closer to the end. “untitled (pick me up)” is as feel-good as feel-good gets, effortlessly inciting crowd sing-alongs since the unveiling of its earliest iteration at an abandoned laundromat, the first show of the pressure kids’ career.

the pressure kids showcases a young band at the height of creativity and determination, unafraid to cover every inch of ground it’s taken them to get here, to this present moment in time. maybe it sounds like innocence lost, or maybe it sounds like consciousness gained, but sonically, musically, it’s clear the pressure kids exhibits a burgeoning band with a vision that pairs evocative lyrics with evocative melodies, rich with instrumental textures and the kind of wise-beyond-your-years youthfulness that only strikes when you really are twenty-two or twenty-three years old. listening feels like forever scoring an invite to the party, and never wanting to leave.

and why would you? nick, allan, katy, justin & zach really hope you’ll stay.


the pressure kids are nick johnston, allan cuva, katy carmichael, justin bavier and zach bodman.

the pressure kids

1. magazine
2. team
3. and another one
4. fever
5. asleep on the ocean
6. untitled (pick me up)
7. inspiration blues
8. stupid
9. thin skin
10. no land left in hollywood

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facebook: 1.4k+ likes
instagram: 775+ followers

spotify: 129k+ streams, 6.9k+ monthly listeners
soundcloud: 20k+ streams, 175+ followers

(it’s likely you will like them if you like some combination of):
death cab for cutie, broken social scene, arcade fire, local natives, wilco

engineered, produced & mixed by allan cuva mastered by joe hutchinson